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One Simple Platform. One Innovative Solution.

At Trustar, we provide the tools for your business to succeed financially through customized banking solutions, complimented by our topnotch service. Let us help you take your business’s financial goals to the next level. Trustar Bank’s Treasury Management tools help you manage your business securely and efficiently. We’ll work with you to understand your individual needs, offering custom solutions to make business banking easier than ever.

Take Your Bank With You

Commercial Online Banking

Enjoy a flexible, intuitive approach to banking for your business. With view-only access to layered authentication, our commercial online banking platform is customized to fit your unique needs. Safe and secure access allows you the ability to bank any time and from anywhere.

Mobile Banking

Bank with us from anywhere! Utilize the features you need, conveniently in the palm of your hand.

· Bank access wherever you go
· Mobile deposit capabilities
· Initiate existing bill pay

Deposit Funds Electronically

Remote Deposit Capture

Enjoy the ability to make check deposits from the comfort of your office, day or night.

· High-volume check deposits
· Accelerated clearings
· Enhanced cash-flow
· Eliminate the added expense of waiting in line at the bank

Send Money Easily

Online Bill Pay

Utilize a convenient and secure means to streamline your business.

· Simplify money management
· Save the business owner time while keeping them organized
· An ecological option to paper bill pay


Reduce human error and increase time savings with ACH capabilities- the customer preferred payment method.

· Help lower costs with the elimination of interchange fees
· Create templates for one-time or recurring transactions
· Prefunded and same day processing available (Same day processing by prior approval)

Online Wire Transfers

Send money easily while staying in-the-know on where your money is going.

· Send money domestically
· Create templates for one-time or recurring transactions
· Stay up to date with automated text and email alerts for incoming and outgoing transactions
· Expanded descriptions for expedited reconcilement

Protect Your Business

Positive Pay

Two options to help protect your business against fraud.

· Automate check and ACH reconcilement
· Simplify accounts payable processing and payroll reconcilement
· Improve audit controls
· Reduce check and ACH fraud

Standard Positive Pay

· Validate check numbers and amounts of each check presented

Enhanced Positive Pay

· Compare the payee name, in addition to the check number and amount, of each check presented


ACH Filter

Easily allow only approved ACH transactions to post.

· Use ACH debit filters to reduce fraud risk
· Business owner/decision maker reviews presented ACH transactions
· Leverage our enhanced ACH statement detail for more knowledgeable, real-time decisions

Partners For Success

Merchant Processing

Allow us to find you the most competitive price for your business, saving you time and money.

IntraFi Network

Ensure your large deposits are insured by the FDIC with our both our ICS and CDARs services.

· Work with one financial institution while receiving the FDIC insurance coverage of many
· Initiate transactions online via your Trustar Bank account with a completely integrated platform and receive one convenient monthly statement

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